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CyberLink Power2Go lets you burn music, data, photo, and video discs in a variety of formats, including on CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc. When you make a photo gallery disc, you create a disc that showcases your photos, or you can burn secured data discs with up to 256-bit encryption.
-use GPU acceleration* to decode or encode video to speed up the creation of video discs.
-trim, cut, enhance, and add effects to audio intended in your burning tasks using the CyberLink WaveEditor* program
-view and extract files in a disc image using the ISO Viewer

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    Guest 3 years ago

    making a dvd with divx files gives a very bad result.
    The option smart fit does not work if the capability of the DVD is below the files created and you don't have
    the possibility to write to Hard Drive without burning on DVDs, I had to choose EP qualité for a 2H19 film.
    as DVDshrink alows reducing the space of films, keeping the quality it is not possible with this program
    This application is not very good because of this fact.

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    Derek Almgill 4 years ago

    believe the version suggested is a paid-for version.
    when I tried to download this version the web site would not let me as I do not have the previous version to which the update refers.
    my version is that which came as a bundled package with my lap tap.

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      Guest 3 years ago

      This link will update your versions. Select the version you have to update. I just did it.

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